Hervé Lussault : Head Chef

Hervé Lussault creates a classic gastronomic cuisine with a touch of exoticism. The most important thing for him is that the customers feel all the love he puts into his cuisine.

His career path After having worked for twenty years at the “Charles Barrier” in Tours and having acquired his letters of nobility there, the chef Hervé Lussault was delighted to return to the good city of Amboise which had welcomed him as a child when he arrived in France in 1980, just like other Laotian “boat people” families like his own. He had a hard time learning how to use a knife and a fork, how to work in the canteen… but sponsored by the Touraine inhabitants Jack Magord and his mother, he was lucky enough to be able to study and discovered his passion for cooking during a summer internship at Fouquet’s on the Champs Elysées. He then passed his CAP (vocational training certificate) as a cook and perfected his apprenticeship with experienced chefs: Francis Maignault at the Château d’Artigny for 3 years and then 5 years under the orders of the great chef Alain Senderens at the Lucas Carton in Paris. He was so driven by the desire to succeed that in 1996 he was ready to learn alongside Charles Barrier in Tours, then to replace him in the kitchens of this prestigious restaurant that his godfather had just acquired. In 1998 he opened the “Bistrot de la Tranchée” and happily worked in two different areas: gastronomy and brasserie. Twenty years later, wishing to give a new impetus to his career, Hervé Lussault felt that the time had come for a change of horizon and fell in love with this beautiful house on the banks of the Loire, the Choiseul.

From his menu

  • Duck foie gras confit with Noilly Prat and Serrano ham, apricot coulis with pear brandy
  • Pan-fried sea bass fillet, Venere black rice, cream of shellfish with Touraine saffron
  • Blue lobster Tourangelle style


  • Traditional warm soufflé with Grand Marnier®
  • Chocolate entremets, salted butter caramel, hazelnut dacquoise